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overnight stay in hotel, bb, agritur, residence
breakfast based on local products, homemade and Km0 / only overnight stay
Participation in the "Foraging" experience: guided walk through the meadows and woods of Vigolana to learn about and expertly collect wild herbs (03/06 at 15.00) - to be paid extra
participation in the "Forest Bath": guided activity of deep connection with Nature in a dimension of slowness, awareness and relationship with the forest (05/06 at 09.00) - to be paid extra
free excursions in the nature of Alpe Cimbra
Trentino Guest Card and Alpe Cimbra Guest Card: freebies, discounts and conventions for a vacation experience included
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The human being has at his disposal a great amount of energy but often wastes it in useless activities, in something wrong. Never as in this moment we need that our energy becomes more integrated and clean, so that it can flow freely towards the realization of our deepest nature.

Come to the mountains, on Alpe Cimbra, in Trentino, to find your space of quiet.

Immerse yourself with all your senses in the forest organism, get in touch with its elements, get ready to live, with body and soul, the beneficial power energy that only in Nature you can find. Discover all the benefits of Forest Bathing.

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