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Muh and milk for you - children's farm Dansbach Griaß custody on Dansbach! 's, Since that hand! Kummst same with our stable. Our cows are waiting for you! Become a kid again and experience a children's laughter in the house. While feeding, to look - any help is welcome! Or? Best organic milk milking you of your favorite cow! Muh and milk for you. Just as you like it. Your parents? On the Hausbankerl they soak up the rays. Feel the power of nature and the happiness of the simple life! Come down and find yourself again. Enjoy freedom! Breathe! Dansbach Get out of the barn? In the middle of our beautiful nature. Unaltered in Limestone Alps National Park. We appreciate the active life and in nature. What makes you happier than to overcome their own limits? When Canyoning with Ferdinand - the pure experience in a secluded, idyllic canyon, with crystal clear mountain water to measure his courage, or at least find the inner balance while balancing between two old pear trees. Just be proud of yourself. Whatever it is. Dive into our lives! On Muh and milk! The Bauernsleut Veronica and Ferdinand with Jacob and Simon!

Welcome to Austria 1 Spa - Golf - Family - Resort Enjoy 4s star hotel in the personal atmosphere of our house, the comfortable rooms and the facilities of our dream resort. For leisure time is always taken care of - whether golfing, hiking, playing with your children or just relax on 3,000 m² spa area ... dive into our world. We wish all our guests a relaxing holiday and look forward to be your personal host, your family Dilly!